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A Connected 

Cycling Community

Overlapping Connected “Communities” are substantially more Powerful

Hi its Steve here… with Social Media over-running our cycling lives and indeed Triathlon, Ironman, Adventure races, running…actually the list goes on forever into the inner sanctums of our Active Lifestyles.

In actual fact the whole shape of our communities has been forever changed…left in tatters and fragmented. The new battle ground between Technology and Social Media, has left us all lost in the middle somewhere.

We have developed very good and very real systems and platforms that bind, simplify and galvanise our commmunities better than was ever imagined…a resource that delivers a WIN/WIN/WIN …read on

  • What do we do?

    We build online connected Multi Media community platforms!

  • What exactly is an online “Community Platform”?

    We take the most important drivers of social media such as facebook and instagram and we mash and merge these platforms with a blog style website to create an information hub that all the like minded consumers – “your community” can easily locate consume and share common information with their friends and networks.

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  • Is it difficult?

    No…We do all the hard work in the background to make your front of house online experience easy, especially via mobile devices

  • Is this costly? 

    No this is not an expensive exercise. We are community builders first and foremost and our “prime directive” is Fun – Factual & affordable, this a fundamental of community growth

Effective and Efficient 

  • Why build an online Community?

    Offline Community is still alive and kicking, it’s just that the majority now prefer to access, consume and share like minded information via their mobile devices, and as we all know we want the answers quick smart at our fingertips 24/7. If you need to reach or expand your community or network, then being easy accessed and shareable online is imperative.

  • What are “Overlapping Communities”?

    Overlapping Communities are very powerful, it is as it sounds, where one like minded community overlaps with others, it’s the intersection of these overlaps that are extremely potent at expanding your community and networks. Think of it as a club online, you have a network, they have a network and you become friends.

Reach and Engage

Expand your Community

It is all about Community first

Social Media has overtaken technology – so where to from here? We provide the ability to build virtual and real sticky communities through our design styles. Carefully designed platforms that fuse and merge the important Multi Media options with blog based websites. These “Platforms” require no custom coding or prior website development knowledge. Most industry groupings have the very same needs and can be easily introduced to their communities in the online world…this is all about conversion from “off line” to “online”  and expanding the reach beyond what was previously possible.

“Social Media has overtaken Community”

Real Community. Real People.

We all know the power of community… Reaching and Connecting with your existing Community is Paramount. Once you have established a REAL CONNECTION – REAL RELATIONSHIP ONLINE, you can then begin expanding those relationships.

Overview is Essential

Prospective Members need the big picture

The big Picture

Our philosophy is to make friends and connect them to the good cycling stuff

Become Social

Social Media has overtaken Technology

Make lots of friends

Simplify and Centralise for your community, so that its easy to understand

Talk to them

Cyclist always want more news

Give Members the Fish

News is highly viral and effective at galvanising and engaging

Reach these Communities & Expand your Own

Our platforms are packed with useful features. These features make it really easy to look professional and engaging. But the biggest factor is the power of overlapping communities, and their ability to strengthen and expand networks.

“Content Rich News and Info is powerful”

Large Alternate

Sponsors love Cycling but they seek real community engagement to get maximum bang for their buck!

The marriage between Cycling (&Sporting) Communities has continued to move onto higher value exchange expectations. What is great about this whole Social Evolution is that Cycling with it’s attractive demographics can now offer a much higher level of value to the extent that “Businesses, Corporates and Organisations” prefer to delivered and inject their paid content into our very receptive and action orientated audiences…WIN/WIN/WIN

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I have prepared this overview on the RideGC platform which represents a quantum leap in localised cycling communities and the intersection of many aspects within one community. Have a look around to gain a feel for the direction of todays communities. This is a highly engaging and interactive platform that can easily be evolved and or moulded into different community requirements. Cycling Events and Organisations have varied requirements which very often boil back down to the same thing, which is connection.

We have developed very simplified models that enhance smaller community events through to larger more complex connections…Passion is the driver in the equation as community and business demand “real” engagement and real solutions, and this is a moving evolving target where we are seeing a demand for an increased quality of value exchange, beginning with the cyclist themselves..gone are the days where you just put out the open sign and the cyclists flock in.

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