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Established in Australia, RearViz is a patented innovative Rear Vision Bicycle Mirror, designed for the commuter, the athlete and the weekend adventurer.

After nearly hitting a cyclist with his car four years ago, Australian business owner Raymond Crane came up with an idea. With a compact makeup mirror, ripped up wet suit material and a bunch of staples, the first ever RearViz mirror was created. From then, the idea quickly transitioned into a packaged product and onto the arms of cyclists around the world. The product is an arm-mounted rear vision mirror that allows cyclists to look forward and see behind their bike for oncoming traffic. Now often referred to as ‘the next best thing to a helmet’ the RearViz mirror is combating rider safety in a big way.

RearViz is a weather resistant collapsible convex bicycle mirror, mounted on the arm, using an adjustable armband to keep in place. It has been ergonomically designed to be adjusted to suit all arm sizes and arm positioning, allowing the user to acquire rear vision through a range of rear view angles and perspectives. The position of the rear view bike mirror can be adjusted to many positions through its ability to swivel and is able to stay in a desired position. Being mounted on the arm permits the user to engage the widest part of the body, which will allow the most rearward vision, having the ability to be used on either or both arms.

Unlike the conventional bicycle mirror, RearViz is lightweight, stylish and practical, so regardless what bike you ride, RearViz allows easy adaption to any kind of activity. We believe that RearViz is probably the only bicycle mirror on the market that won’t vibrate and distort your vision from road vibration as it’s mounted on your arm and not your bike. Interchangeable accessories are also available for you to swap it up between various disk colours and even our new Universal Camera Mount!

Capture the moment with a new RearViz Universal Camera Mount. The UT-35 Universal Camera Mount is our best GoPro mount yet. With a fully rotatable, arm-fixed camera mount suitable for a diverse range of cameras and other devices, this flexible mount allows you to catch quality footage with ease, comfort and style. Film on the go and do it all hands-free. Just attach your action camera and strap it to your arm, leg, body or board to enjoy a fully rotatable action camera mount for any sport or activity. Surf, snowboard, cycle, drive, fly or skate? Whatever sport you do, make sure you capture every moment with our Universal Camera Mount.

The RearViz mirror is designed for the rider not just the bike and is the next best thing to having eyes in the back of your head.  Mounted on your arm eliminates vibration and positioning loss, enabling you to have an improved awareness about what’s happening behind you without the hassle of constantly adjusting your mirror.

Further enhancements will be rolled out in the near future, so stay tuned for more exciting features and products.

Rear Safety

RearViz Explains:

The RearViz is the first ever arm-mounted cycling mirror to hit the market. Already cyclists around the world are using the RearViz mirror to look forward and see behind in busy traffic. Mounted on the arm with a fully-rotatable base allows the rider to get the widest rearward vision and angles to suit their riding style. This new safety innovation is quickly becoming the next ‘must-have’ for cyclists. Cycle safely and look forward, see behind with a RearViz Mirror today!

Note from Steve
“You will find Lee and her RearViz crew at all our local Cycling Events displaying and educating on the safety merits. RearViz has a quality product, so if you havent seen this fashionistic potentially life saving acccessory for your wrist then your next chance could be at the Tour of Duty April 24th @ Burleigh Heads..

Cheers Steve

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