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Live Posting

Be current & seen 24/7 

Inexpensive Real Raw & Connected

We are tentatively accepting limited bookings for the next Quarter

  • What we do is unique, this is a community driven model
  • Strong community who are friends with other strong communities
  •  ‘Alliances and Overlaps’ are significant in reach and acceptance
  • Call Steve 0415153522

  How it works 

  • Step One: You post as normal on your facebook page
  • Step Two: RideGC Captures your post
  • Step Three: Your Post will appear on the LIVE Wall
  • Maximum of 20 Feeds/members per Wall 
  • You can Post a Maximum of 3 Posts per Day
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The fastest time efficient way to sell your sizzle

It really is that simple!

Want a targeted friendly connection? Step through the RideGC Gateway

We have Facebook, Instagram and Graphic teams to help Reach & Engage.

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Facebook 864

RideGC has Daily Facebook Connection

Tap your Business into our Momentum

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RideGC is Community 

A platform that is exclusive to the Gold Coast

RideGC is part of a larger Lifestyler family with many community overlaps 



703 mobile

  • Post your content Live onto an exclusive RideGC wall
  • Feeds can be secured at $ 500.00 Quarterly
    All prices are gst exclusive (payment is one single payment)
  • Cost efficient outlay of less than $167.00 per month
  • Feeds Secured for 12 month period – $133.00 per month
    All prices are gst exclusive (payment is one single payment)
  • Right of Renewals apply to all arrangements within 2 weeks of expiry period

Very Strong Reasons to Advertise With Us

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are NOW generating opportunity and momentum
Main Beach brand and reach is significant both Nationally and Internationally

Your  ‘Connected Multi Media Platform’ designed for The Gold Coast’s significant population flows of, Active lifestyler’s, Athletes, Residents and tourists

Specifically targeting your audience; Mobile, Wealthy and Financially Secure, people with high leisure time priorities – A ready to buy and active demographic

This is a quality opportunity to engage and promote to this extremely lucrative and ready to spend market

Significant daily ‘Facebook Reach’ (Organic) ranging from 130,ooo to in excess of 200,ooo per day.

A great mix of’Facebook, Email, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin groupings which continues to rise daily

Specifically Engaged and Targeted

in 6 Significant Segments 

Recreational Cycling Groups

RecreationalCycling Events

Gold Coast Cycling Clubs

Gold Coast Triathlon

Gold Coast Active over 50’s Lifestylers which includes Getaways, Adventure, Accomodation, Travel, Coffee, Wine…

Multi-Sport, Running, Walking, Swimming, Paddling, Adventure, Fashion, Friendship…

Online magazine "GO Goldie GO"

No spam guarantee.

Find Your Next Event Challenge

Jump2 . . .  C E delivers you the mobile ‘Fast Fact’s’ for over 300 Recreational Cycling Events throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Jump2 –
CycleEvents also operates the very popular online emagazine called “The Pocket Rocket” which keeps everyone up to date on the latest event opportunities and experiences.
Jump2 thePocket Rocket

Coming Soon…

Ride Gold Coast Kit

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