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Currumbin Valley Express 
Main Beach to Currumbin Valley 

Currumbin Valley Express

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Ride GC - Gold Coast Group Rides Currumbin Valley ExpressRide GC - Gold Coast Group Rides Currumbin Valley Express

Ride Details
Currumbin Valley Express

90km’s  (56 miles) Return

Best start time  5:00-6:00am  

Start from Hard Coffee, Tedder Ave, Main Beach

Finish at Hard Coffee, Tedder Ave, Main Beach 

Time allocation allow 1:45 hrs each way (Based on approx average pace 30km’s/hr (18.8/mls/hr)

Flat riding until the Valley. The Valley is pleasant undulating with false flat up through the Valley floor, which means you have an easy ride home

Cycle Mechanic
Call Kenny 0405 560 839

What you need

Take 2 bottles

2 energy bars / banana

What ammenities are available

Drinking Water is available via drinking fountains along the beach front parks at regular intervals

Toilets similar intervals along beach front parks.

Toilets at the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

Toilets at the Currumbin Valley Car Park (Turnaround point)

Club Talle Intersection

Opposite the Tallebudgera Surf Club  (Club Talle) turn inland. For safety reasons, it is a good idea to take the “free’ left turn into the Surf Club Car Park and use the intersection lights to either cross with the traffic exiting the car park of simply use the pedestrian cross lights. Local riders who know the road well, normally stay on the road using the far right lane at the intersection and cross the right indicating arrow. So please be careful approaching this intersection as traffic is often moving very quickly as you attempt to position you and your bike into the right turning lane.

Sharp left turn Currumbin Hill

On the return trip as you pass the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, and begin to climb a short hill, you will need to be aware of a sharp left hand turn that you will need to make just before the crest of this hill. Take the sharp left and you will then be climbing a very short and sharp 10% (approx.) for 2oo metres and then descend down a winding road to rejoin the original route that you were originally cycling. From there you can retrace your steps back home.
Ride GC - Gold Coast Group Rides Currumbin Valley Express

Footpath Cycling Section

Returning home at the Northern Burleigh end involves a short section of cycling on the footpath (sidewalk)  between North Burleigh & Miami.

Ride GC - Gold Coast Group Rides Currumbin Valley Express

Hazards you may experience

  • Traffic Build up on return to coastline
  • Coastline on return: Tourists/pedestrians often cross anywhere without looking.
  • Hedges Avenue (Millionaires row) has a 2 way bike lane and a one way vehicle lane. Runners, skateboarders, pedestrians, prams often with headphones, illegally use this lane and can create havoc…please be very careful especially with large groups of cyclists moving in both directions.
  • Car doors opening on to Cycle lanes
  • Remember this is a tourist region where people can become overly relaxed and lax on road rules. Typically everything flows very well with minimal cycling incidents


Cycling at approximately average of 30km’s/hr (18.8/mls/hr) you will reach Main Beach in…

  • 50 mins North of Currumbin
    30 mins North of Burliegh
    15 mins north of Broadbeach
    5 mins North of Central Surfers
    25 mins South of Runaway Bay


Safety is important

If you see a group when out cycling and want to join it, always join from the rear and left hand side of the road, let them know you are there, most groups expect visitors to tag along and are very helpful.

Do you know your cycling hand signals? Watch Video below

Ride in straight lines and be predictable to other road users cyclist and vehicles


Currumbin Valley Magic

Heading into the Currumbin Valley is a little like entering an Aladdin’s Cave of adventure. From the coastline, head southwest into another world along Currumbin Creek Road which leads to Tomewin Mountain Road winding up to Tomewin Mountain.
At 457 metres high it offers a great vantage point over the entire valley as well as north to Mount Tallebudgera and west across the World Heritage-listed Rainforest mountains of Cougal and Springbrook. The drive itself into the valley is something special, you’ll pass farms, eco villages, fruit stalls, bed and breakfasts, homesteads, gardens and cottages. It’s easy to see why the descendants of early settlers, who came here for the red cedar timber and to raise dairy cattle and farm bananas, still call this lush valley home.

Highlights of this valley include the cooling Currumbin Rock Pools for a swim and Camp Eden for the health conscious. The Mount Cougal section of Springbrook National Park sits at the end of Currumbin Creek Road. There’s also plenty of galleries teaming with pottery and arts and crafts in which if, you look carefully, your own genie may await.

Information via 
Gold Coast Tourist Corp

Key Points
Currumbin Valley Express

Hard Coffee
A Cycling Hot spot
Tedder Avenue Main Beach

Hard Coffee, Hard Coffee

Tour de Valley
21 to 22nd October 2017

A perfect opportunity to enter your Business or Group Ride Team into a TT event environment and compete on the 2018 Com Games TT Route

Tour de Valley is a proven successful event formula
Both individual and Team Time Trial – includes non club rider entries

RideGC rates this event ‘Competitive’
“5 star Club Rider” + ” 5 star Coffee/Corporate Rider “

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“This is what gets me out of bed every the morning. Actually, truthfully, it is usually to take a daughter to swim squad or go myself, then helping business owners achieve their dreams.”

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