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Australia’s Ultimate Lifestyle Cycling Event – Oceanway Ride is creating a spectacular land-marking cycling event on the Gold Coast. The date is set for Saturday 9 September 2017.  This annual event will attract thousands of budding cyclists, families, first-timers and more experienced riders of all ages. The Oceanway Ride has been designed to offer participants one of the most extraordinary journeys to be taken by bike. It will allow them to enjoy one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines, right here on the Gold Coast. Riders have the opportunity to cycle at a leisurely pace in a safe and controlled environment.

Type: Open Recreational
Where: Gold Coast, QLD, AU
When: 9 September 2017
Distance: 250m, 4km, 55km
Cost: $1 – $95
Terrain: Flattish

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RideGC talks to Richard Purll of BUSAP Accounting

A member of RideGC Cyclists in business

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A member of RideGC Cyclists in business

RideGC and Richard Purll BUSAP Accounting

RideGC talks to Richard Purll of BUSAP Accounting

A Gold Coast Active Lifestyler who loves Cycling, Triathlons, swimming, sailing, skiing, water and snow and also loves helping his peers groups and business owners achieve their dreams.

“This is what gets me out of bed every the morning. Actually, truthfully, it is usually to take a daughter to swim squad or go myself, then helping business owners achieve their dreams.”

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly Mobile 0452 446 447 or email

Regards Richard

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