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Above: 2 very social Cats…Gold Coast Cycling Cats Caught on film by Sports Photographer’s Veloshotz.…it’s just so GC! #gr8shotz Jen & Andrea

The RideGC Experience …it’s Factual but never at the Expense of Fun!

Familiarise yourself with our local local style both on and off the bike and get a good head start, before you arrive here on the Gold Coast. Get amongst the News & Views…the Action, Opportunities, go to Gold Coast Cycling Central Another great option is to subscribe free to the RideGC emagazine delivered to to your inbox every Friday evening.( subscribe via the ‘contact’ menu above. 

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Hmmm…so much to do on the GC?

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Cycle Events
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Flat Rides
It’s a tough life but someone has to live it!



The Gold Coast has so many strings to it’s active bow…you get to work or play hard at you favourite recreation and you can always look forward to a great counter balance where you can just kick back and dream of greater things…soak it all up and enjoy your well deserved moment. We have the beach, the Surf Boards, the cafes and the Surf Clubs, each offering a unique kick back experience

The GC has an absolutely magnificent coastline stretching out inviting you to hug the coastline by wheel, foot or flipper or paddles…either way you move yourself, it is spectacular and you will lift your game as you immerse yourself into our very special and unique active coastline, and the distractions, beach BBQ’s, parties, bronzed bodies, bootcamps are an endless visual fest…

Do you love hills… then you are in for a real treat, as the GC boasts the genuine and captivating “Beach to Bush Experience” As you leave the Golden Coastline you are drawn up into the hills, experiencing country lanes, weirs and cattle stocks as you make your up to the waiting “Jurassic” styled “Hinterland” …another world altogether, cool and pristine with a dinosaur waiting around each bend.



Make Your life Easier

Great Resources

Jump2 GC’s Velodrome+Crits

Beautiful Coastal Cafes

No matter your passion, Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, it is almost certain that coffee in just the right cafe is essential to close out your morning workout… make sure you check out the local Coffee spots that we GC Cyclists love to loiter

Jump2 GC’s Cafes

Great Riding Mates

Triathlon the Gold Coast is fantastic, but none better if you hook up with the Surfers Paradise Triathlon crew. Jenny Alcon a current Kona Champion is your inspiration and mentor. Make sure you hook up even if you are just shooting through the GC for a few days, it’ll be worth the effort…

Jump2 RGC Tri


Your Passion drives my Passion

Steve on BikeThe Gold Coast is an absolute perfect Paradise for the ‘Active leisure lifestyler’…Just imagine if you could live and work in such an environment 365 days a year…Hi my name is Steve Holmes and I have the privilege of being part of this dynamic active lifestyler machine. RideGC started life as an offshoot of Cyclelike.com fulfilling the rapidly growing need to centralise and connect the opportunities and experiences here on the Gold Coast. RideGC is a Recreational Cycling Centric Community and has organically expanded through Triathlon, Running and Ironman, because that’s what a lot of us cyclist do…but lift your eyes a little more, and you will discover a treasure chest of other ‘Active Lifestyle’r opportunities…Outrigger Canoes, Stand Up Paddlers, Swimming, MTB, BMX it just keeps growing and as most will know, the GC is a perfect holiday destination…a perfect Active Lifestyle Holiday destination. Our recreational time is vital and time precious, so getting informed and connected fast and efficiently is valuable…Jump in and join us…Cheers Steve

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@Main Beach

TRex on Narrow Neck

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Your Experience Opportunity

@Narrow Neck

Pete Clark Narrow Neck

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Hills760x570 Mum and Daughter

Your Experience Opportunity

@Lattimers Crossing

Lattimers Crossing

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@Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise by bike

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@Narrow Neck

Narrow Neck at Sunrise

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